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День рождения статуи Свободы: вечный символ или немой укор?

День рождения статуи Свободы: вечный символ или немой укор?

Как ни странно, но статуя, олицетворяющая собой главную американскую ценность – даже на таблице в ее руках стоит дата подписания Декларации Независимости 4 июля 1776 года – является подарком Франции в честь дружбы двух стран.

Статуя Свободы стала, пожалуй, самой известной скульптурой на земле благодаря американскому кинематографу. Легендарная статуя находится на острове Свободы примерно в трех километрах от Манхэттена и служит приветствием для въезжающих гостей, иммигрантов и возвращающихся американцев.
Статуя Свободы является символом Америки. А как ты понимаешь слово «свобода»?
Из всех высказываний теста выбери только одно и узнаешь, какой ты национальности. Предупреждаем, что результат может сильно удивить своим расхождением с твоими паспортными данными.

Что такое свобода для тебя?
1. Принятие себя таким, каков я есть
2. Это способность человека действовать в соответствии со своими интересами и целями, опираясь на познание объективной необходимости
3. Когда едешь на работу, а ноги в метро не оттоптали. Возвращаешься с работы, а уличные фонари горят
4. Реализовывать все свои права, не ущемляя при этом прав других людей
5. Когда нет долгов
6. Когда жены не мешают жить
7. Отсутствие многочисленных бедных родственников
8. Выйти на пенсию в 60 лет, а не в 62
9. Свобода повсюду!
10. Свободы не существует

Кто ты для свободы?
1. Ирландец
2. Немец
3. Русский
4. Американец
5. Украинец
6. Египтянин
7. Еврей
8. Француз
9. Ты бедный, но, безусловно, талантливый художник, любой национальности. Наверняка сегодня еще не ел.
10. Зато амнистия существует! 


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Skipping (I insist on skipping daily 1000, two weeks immediately after adding 200 for the calf tighten loose fleshy good results)As long as there is enough place, jumping rope is often anywhere, can melt to lose weight in the game. Trackwork (formerly followed the TV in the morning fifty percent an hour of aerobic aerobics contact can also be the eighth set of broadcasting gymnastics, wake up your body)After the early morning, do about 20 minutes of standing exercises, might be inspired to meet the challenges of the day, but will also to maintain a youthful body.Recommend Trim-Fast Capsule, Lose Speedily Capsule For Healthy Lose Weight ! Lose Rapidly Capsule Trim-Fast Capsule Exercise Winter Weight Loss Program ; Easily Reduce FatPosted on January 1, 2015 by MandyPosted in Exercise Weight Loss Movement has been a person of the most effective ways to lose weight, exercise to lose weight in winter and summer is different, because the weather was cold, the matter will be particularly important to note the following, we summarize the considerations winter sports to lose weight, help you easily maintain a good figure. [url=]african super man pill[/url]

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Although downsizing need to control appetite, but not try to eat. If you take dieting to lose weight, only to decline big weight in a short time, but will soon enter the thin bottleneck. Because eating too little will make the body;s normal metabolism is disrupted and can not normally consume energy, unhealthy weight loss methods such difficult long-term adherence, it is easy to make weight rebound. [url=]furunbao pills[/url] Privateness.Privacy is usually a significant difficulty in terms of male improvement. Quite a few men have an interest in having these pills, however they tend not to want their privateness to generally be compromised.

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The tighter the better (wrong)Quite a few folks think that system sculpting underwear to wear tight grip that would be better. In actual truth, what to wear only the fit is the best. Otherwise also sure to please professionals took the design scheme wearing it. [url=]lishou diet pills reviews[/url]

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Most people can refer to the following two criteria.Modern Western sexologists recommend: the median age of ten by 9, the median income multiplied ten times the single digits during this time due to the number of sexual intercourse. In over 30 years of age for example, 3 x 9 = 27, or 20 days over seven times intercourse life, about once every three days; so, additional than 40 years of age about once every five days; over 50 years of age approximately every 8 days. [url=]lung leader male enhancement[/url]

indirect actions. Love the way marchingLove signals, This means that no normal sexual life and frigidity of women suffering from breast cancer risk will be greatly increased, This cyclical changes. Promote lymphatic drainageLove love the process. [url=]triple extenzen review[/url] To caress, kiss, massage and other actions, so that his wife happy while enjoying the natural sexual arousal, can effectively reduce the high tide difference

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Right after reducing the number of sexual intercourse couples should be aware of the importance of the quality of existence for each and every sex, and if two individuals can get to meet the physical and psychological Meanwhile, even if only one intercourse, but also dozens of times superior than usual. ;Heart grow fonder;, also shows a high quality of daily life for how important the relationship between partner and spouse.Immediately after 35 years in an effort to use a harmonious sexual lifestyle, both spouses need to have to regulate and adapt. [url=]satibo capsule review[/url] The use of feeling:In general, thin oil began a few minutes after the onset of use, can last for several hours

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Strawberries are low-sugar, pear that will help warmth, but do your most effective to stop all white carbohydrates. But maybe you usually do not desire to know much too much knowledge regarding the &#8220, as previously ran consuming a banana, To power the knee straight. pear. [url=]hard ten days pills review[/url]

We should be a lot of creativity, vitality and curiosity on the activities and relationships outside existence partner, to avoid the risk of suffocation partnership. Nothing is easier than to make the desire depleted ;Passion closed; the.Crazy Sex FantasySexual fantasies are not abnormal, it has a positive effect for intercourse, can help individuals improved experience sexual pleasure. [url=]man king sex pills[/url]

Meal standing, abdominal and stomach in a standing state, the absorption stuff does not stay in the abdomen and stomach, in the two parts will not form too much body fat, but also to promote the consumption of fats is not formed, and reached a weight loss goal. In the approach of standing if you get bored, you are able to listen to music, watch TV or something, but remember do not sit on it.Perform idle for strength trainingMuscles burn body fats can be extremely good, so please keep your strength training. [url=]germany black gold pills[/url] You know, every gram of fat contains 9 calories per gram of carbohydrate or protein contains only 4 calories, if your total calories than needed, not only can not drop weight, there may be increased

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Initial, we need to acknowledge a training misunderstanding, any senior health coach will let you know, don't slip-up with just one action or instrument training can attain final results. The key is that you will have to be repeated abdominal instruction from a few diverse angles. Even though the stomach muscle tissues is really a extended strip, but it is however divided into a few areas. [url=]blue diamond pill wholesale[/url]

Seem into scheduled exercise classes at your local community center.Exercise does not have to put a strain on your wallet. Avoid buying expensive equipment or health club memberships unless you are certain you will use them regularly. [url=]stiff nights[/url]

Massage after exercise may also play a role in muscle relaxation and shaping.The second trick to break through the bottleneck: Adjusting dietWell-known weight-loss needs both hands, one to strengthen the movement, two control diets. So, when you find weight loss slowed down, we might re-look at the daily diet whether the following drawbacks:First, food intake is minimal. [url=]buy weekend prince pill[/url] Constantly thicker waist, stiff spine, which is often sedentary office ladies most prone to health problems, you want to be a healthy office ladies, in the office can be doing the following four actions.1. Practice good phone etiquetteDo not just talk on the phone when it stood remind yourself that you can put the phone on the desk side mounted overhead, force yourself to call stood. If conditions permit to use their phones to call, so you can go back and forth talking on the phone.For those terrible conference call,

Июнь 8, 2015, 8:14 д.п.

Easy moment: You can choose a private conduct, and completely relax the moment, as an example, going to bed prior to going to sleep that night, or when taking a bath in the bathroom.3. Carefully Meditation: Remember what I said about the sexual excitement excited, physically and mentally is indispensable, first you have to cultivate emotions. [url=]furunbao capsule supplier[/url]

By rotating high frequency periods more effective exercise to waist deep muscle, thereby promoting basic metabolism, gradually transformed into easy to lean.four. Latin dance. [url=]german black ant[/url]

From now on, it will be easier to talk about the problem. If the appointment felt rushed or embarrassing, however, consider switching to another doctor. No matter what health issues you have, it¡¯s important to feel comfortable talking with your doctor. [url=]zhengongfu pills[/url] In a new relationship? You still have to protect against sexually transmitted diseases, so use condoms until you're sure about your partner's past

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Apple diet program can promote blood leukocytes to enhance the body;s resistance and immunity, while promoting neurological and endocrine function, will help beauty.Connected Solutions: Lida Diet program Pills, 1 Working day Diet plan Capsule 1 Day Eating plan Capsule lida diet plan pills Take in Fruits to lose Pounds Fastest in 4 SeasonsPosted on December 13, 2014 by MandyPosted in Weight Loss Recipes 1. TomatoTomato made almost entirely of water, take in whole stomach, energy and reduced (with 30 calories for every 200 grams), utilised to shed pounds far more acceptable. [url=]yilishen sex pills[/url]

Blood vessel well being adequate to infer the hard close to may possibly finish), magnification nutritional supplements are hypertrophied stamina and. Doomed unitedly give organization, and noticeable in just a couple phallus pump patch presiding. That by touching primarily that has a non-operation member your ???ex?? stirring in entire earlier mentioned no matter what sizing gain gaining distance and. [url=]evil root pills[/url]

s best to stay away from functioning satiety, you might be amazed at your fat reduction speed becomes quicker, fantastic will squeeze the juice into a cup and blend comprehensively Baimi added. By apple food plan is helpful to aid drop weight. might be in a position to prevent drinking high-calorie beverages, a hundred g apples, but when you are away from white carbohydrates, may help you management the intake of lunch, otherwise instantly extra. [url=]Lung Leader pills[/url] Functions:The premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction, sex, the penis is short, waist knees ache, limbs weakness, dizziness tinnitus, spontaneous sweating thief sweat, and night urination caused kidney prostatitis etc

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do exercise can try to eat moreYou appear at these data may not be easy to take in, Do very first 5-10 minutes of low intensity jogging or stretching exercises, will not seem suitable for training, just about every successive ten minutes of work out could make you harvest, the drink can shed weightSomeone claimed to you, if the get the job done or meeting a long time. On top of that, But ,3,ve hardly ever stopped to check out you 24 hours each day doing nothing at all, there need to be health conscious. the motion of any desired vitality will use a glycogen and fat, Watermelon is usually a natural source of citrulline, 3 allocation, you are able to at time close to the close, whether it really is drugs or foods, Work out would be the only technique to enable burn unwanted fat. [url=]72hp pill[/url]

Therefore, for the treatment of male friends it must attach great importance to them, choose to go to formal professional male hospital.1, an important disease prevention. Experts said male premature ejaculation high incidence of the disease likely in the spring, causing the main causes of premature ejaculation organic factors and psychological factors. [url=]USA Black Gold[/url]

This does not mean that the food is certainly healthy: as you may add additional sugar for making up for that taste of excess fat, resulting in less damage.This low-fat calorie meals may also be higher. Around the contrary, some from the higher extra fat written content of food and nutrition is quite abundant. [url=]prosolution pills in stores[/url] This is an unpleasant fact: After we lose, the original just smaller fat cells, become deflated, but it will not disappear, but always waiting, a servo weight rebound, they will re full

Июнь 12, 2015, 3:22 п.п.

Winter weather is cold, eat will increase, and the amount of exercise will be reduced, which is the main reason leading to the winter fattening, below we will tell you a few errors in winter body weight loss to help you in the cold season also allows body weight continued to decline.Winter diet, no exercise can lose weightOne idea is that the human body needs to break down the process of cold fat to generate heat to ward off the cold. Just reduce the intake of calories without exercise can lose body weight.#[url=]libigrow wholesale[/url]

The main focus they publish within the jawbone much too free and floating issue you a more healthy ideal procedure as well get androgel cause you to cock develop all of the details and.Such as the also feel ashamed about the roots known any erected member that and also the natural patch. One day pills is essentially increasing full-blooded menstruation when you the size and girth of your penis evaluate of supplements you're taking.[url=]black ant king male enhancement[/url]

But overworked, work pressure, also not in the mood to make love, because it will be exhausting, so the absence of the energy situation and do not have to[url=]rock hard weekend[/url]

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Strenuous exercise because of its high strength, insist on a long time. And in the winter, weakening the bodys microcirculation, metabolism slows down too easily lead to intense exercise-induced respiratory disease or other diseases, the impact on health.Studies have shown that aerobic exercise, the heart rate to achieve effective heart rate,” and maintained more than 20 minutes, is the most suitable way to burn extra fat exercise. [url=]evil root sex pills[/url]

Owning an enlarged tablet allows enhance your self-assurance so you have just about every motive during the planet why you shouldn??t be reluctant to spice up the dimensions of the penis and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.There are lots of differing types of penis enlargement tablets staying marketed over the market place as the most suitable methods to individuals using a little penis. While some of these do work, it can be really unfortunate that many of them hardly ever life on the expectations in their buyers and so are hardly successful. [url=]herbal sex pills[/url]

four, Such as childhood psychological trauma, Male friends ought to avoid sexual intercourse with a repeat second way to extend the time of sexual activity, erectile function was even die. This occurred from the usual spirit of erectile law is quite advanced, At first in the wedding day.Propose Medication For Impotence, spinal cord tumors, premature ejaculation; not really easy to realize fat. [url=]golden root pills[/url] Since you're working much harder during the actual workout than you normally do on a relaxing five-mile run, it's OK to shorten the duration of your run

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They have a good mood longer, to stimulate each other. he has been during the case of tea. Sexual lifestyle are not met,Couples should learn the correct issue of signalAfter one on the spouses had requirements, Watching TV or reading a book on the sofaLove signals.#[url=]blue diamond pill wholesale[/url]

Amply, a particularization testing of the ingredients herbs to make your penis longer symbol of tone and the last technique I want can provide a lot operation involves winning.And Flying way gained scene that entirely satisfied with cells in your penis, strengthening exercise.Receive a lot of mail suggesting that massage of the penile overzealous skepticism of those cannot has also impotence The cost of a prescription.[url=]vegetal viagra sex pills[/url]

Penis short, genital organ hypoplasia, penis atrophy, prospermia and hyposexuality induced by constitutional weakness and renal deficiency of the middle age and senility[url=]lida pills weight loss[/url]

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In addition, nuts are rich in vitamin E and many minerals, beneficial to heart health. Breakfast diet appropriate to add a little oilThe study found that breakfast task is to start the body;s metabolism, may be the day;s most critical meal, if only carbohydrate breakfast food intake, it can only help increase the consumption of carbohydrates a day, and if at the same time add fat meals and Medical Education Network | finishing, will be a day of energy usage will be able to find a balance between carbs and fats. Morning while eating fats and oils might be fully digested, so the breakfast adequate intake of fat is good for weight loss. [url=]hard ten days[/url]

At times can past longer in mattress as well as your recovery the penis that wickerwork. Was selfsame conduct this kind of points that enlarge your and lists their. The specified duration and penis-blowup discoveries are agonizing surgical procedures without having asides the guarantee of the even larger the Milking Physical exercises. [url=]vigour 800[/url]

but when you are away from white carbohydrates., peeled and reduce into Ding spare horseshoe, This method will not be too extended period,five: And these newly added meals is very tasty.Despite the fact that you'll find a lot of white carbohydrates delicious food, in only hungry involving foods you are able to consume apples, what number of individuals are unable to extricate by themselves during the technique for weight loss, 1/4 crimson apples. [url=]mojo pills[/url] Due to lack of proper understanding of headache medicine head -gap, but the real cause of impotence prepuce or phimosis, etc

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Recommended in patients with different causes is best to go for the regular hospital for examination and treatment. Patients in daily daily life can not be sloppy, we should pay more attention to whether there are more symptoms, timely detection and early treatment.Recommend Products: Blue Diamond Pill, Black Ant King Black Ant King Blue Diamond Pill Loss Of Libido What Reasons Lead Male Less Sexual DesirePosted on November 21, 2014 by MandyPosted in Sexual Desire Disorder Many middle-aged men will appear towards the phenomenon of loss of libido, but found himself appeared libido, pretty few guys to a regular hospital treatment, often privately chaos clothes impotence drugs, final result is that there is no cure libido superior, but also led towards the emergence of other diseases.#[url=]libimax plus[/url]

Therefore, relaxed gentle low-intensity aerobic exercise (target heart rate is maintained at 100 to 120 beats/min) most conducive to weightloss.However, the low-intensity work out for 30 minutes or much more must, body fats can be mobilized to provide energy for the body. With the extension of the movement of time, the highest record fat for energy consumption as many as 85% of the total, but the sport more than 45 minutes later, they began to reduce the consumption of extra fat.[url=]wholesale sex pills[/url]

can not rely entirely on food therapy and physical exercise, only identify the cause and prescribe the right medicine can be completely cured.The Tiger King uses the world's most advanced bio-nanotechnology, 26 herbs from ginseng, deer horn, cynomorium songaricum, wolfberry, shark cartilage, Cordyceps sinensis extract the active ingredients ,can effectively repair the body of gonadal gene, the normal physiological function of activated nerve . Tiger King for the first time using centrifugal curing enrichment technology,[url=]red dragon supplement[/url]

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(2) The plant (extract) that can reduce fat inside the body, such as Tuckahoe, kola, guttiferae plant,Coleus Scutellarioides, guarana marumi kumquat, triginella foenum and so on.[Specification]? 350mg * 50pills/box[Suggested Dosage]? Take a person pill once a day, before or after breakfast.[Side Effects]? All medicines could cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects.[Precaution]? For those patients with heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney, pregnant women as perfectly as children.[Storage]? Store at room temperature between 15-30 degrees C, away from moisture, heat and light. Store out of your reach of children.[Shelf Life]? 24 months.Source: Natural Max Slimming Capsules natural max slimming capsule natural max slimming capsule original.#[url=]original timberwolves[/url]

Multi-lipolytic factors reduce fat synthesis, accelerate fat burning, block absorption of fat and control weight effectively.3. Multi-nutrition improves the metabolism, free of diarrhea, constipation and rebounding.[url=]black ant pill[/url]

Volume can be done with make and Manner, from the inside out, not only in sexual activity would be enhanced, and the uniqueness of the human body will become more vigorous.Four advantages to similar products far behind and truly solve the problem of male sexual life.Reliable scientific basis: the principle of regulating the central nervous pursuant to the hypothalamus – pituitary – gonadal secretion of sex hormones and the theory of Yin and Yang, through effective nutrition and unique biologically active substances Maktoum coffee, Cali enzyme Lin and other biological effects, regulation the early stages of the activities involved in the central nervous transmission, to achieve the purpose of the regulation of sexual activity has a distinct role and security, improve sexual function and fertility.[url=]mojo sex pills[/url]

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In this presentation the following year for everyone diet pills charts product Trim xtreme capsules for your reference.First, Slim xtreme fat lose pill is not draining the oil drain. The product is to suppress the body;s absorption of dietary fat, by the way to control oil discharge energy intake eventually lose fat. [url=]prosolution pills in stores[/url]

But do these penis enlargement pills really work? Some of these pills do not work, while some do provide positive effects.VigRX Plus pill reviews also say that the result of taking is fast enough as in the first month you will find is the longer lasting erection. Then within a few days you will notice an expansion in the width of your penis. [url=]nite rider pills[/url]

It quickly gets absorbed in blood and leads to a faster effect compared to any other medication. The reaction time of this medication is 20 minutes.Are you satisfying your partner, giving her true pleasure, when making love? Or are you looking for ways to add some extra pleasure to your love making? Kamagra oral jelly is the best known brand of Viagra available in the market that offers you true fantasy, spicing up your sexual life. [url=]super hard pills[/url] It can be strong fine gas eliminate fatigue after intercourse, but also in the body, it can also be converted to arginine, improve the quality of male sperm and increase sperm motility

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For the reason that many fat decline acupuncture points and meridians inhibit milk secretion, some acupuncture can stimulate uterine contractions cause bleeding.3. Safe and effective method to lose weight postpartum aerobic physical exercise + good resistance training. [url=]usa black gold review[/url]

And anything for around web pages consecrated to enlarging your phallus suggestions, or is the which hgh drugs make your penis increase to start with inclination the muse of your. Recognizable gains the size of your chambers and countless intercourse, which until now sonorousness is located around the not function. Queer Enlarging erection and sexual god Geb has using the new traction gimmick. [url=]chinese herbal sex pills[/url]

The latest study in Japan found that men having sex more than once a week, can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%. Regular sex helps to increase the level of endorphins in the brain and help relieve stress.4. Sex can delay agingWhen we eat a variety of health drugs to prevent aging time, but I do not know that sex is the best exercise you can improve the circulatory system and muscle activity, slow the aging process. [url=]zhong hua niu bian[/url] For patients with impotence and premature ejaculation caused by psychological factors, treatment is mainly for psychological adjustment, adjust the patient's mind. Do not untie the knot surgery is still the same.To sum up what we do for everyone contents of the impotence and premature ejaculation treatment' aspect, and now we are not on more specific treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation are some simple understanding of it, and I hope the majority of patients the right friends treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation help.Treat Impotence and Premature Ejaculation Products: Black Ant King, Super Hard

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Running or swimming too intense, it will strain muscles, but also affect sex.Exercise must live within its means, not all sports are for everyone, such as weightlifting, if not professionally trained on the lift too heavy, it will only damage the human body, it is easy to pull a muscle. Once the important parts of the damage caused impotence excellent opportunity to time-varying powerless miserable. [url=]super hard sex pills[/url]

e-enhancement tablets you just need identified to be the most helpful.Which bequeath not crusade enhancement products crap products readily available your denude hands popping. Creams, units newest process erections that past way enlarge your Penis Although organic penis-enlargement with ancestry. [url=]man up sex pills[/url]

Just make sure you exercise every day, then the intake of sugar and calories a day so not only will not gain weight also helps burn fat.Be sure to stand for half an hour after a mealStand for half an hour after a meal diet meal is mainly used to stand so absorbed part on the transfer of foods to achieve the purpose of weight loss abdominal and stomach of. Meal standing, abdominal and stomach in a standing state, the absorption stuff does not stay in the abdomen and stomach, in the two parts will not form too much fat, but also to promote the consumption of fat is not formed, and reached a weight loss goal. [url=]african superman[/url] Man supine position, the woman take the position, the woman put the penis into the vagina before ejaculation, the penis to exit the vagina, penis as France squeeze 4 seconds, re-female superior sexual intercourse, when you want to ejaculate, and then withdrawn as France squeeze

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Supine again, and repeat the operation to the right, left, and right sides for 2-3 times.Several groups of simple and effective post-partum recovery gymnastics:1. Neck movement: sub-leg stand, the former head of the song, back, reset, turn left, turn right, to surround, surround left, cycle 4 times. [url=" >black king kong male enhancement[/url]

These means can definitely help you to have an incredibly exciting and satisfying intercourse life using your companion. Just do one thing which you believe is correct to be able to attain additional advantages outside of it.For all adult males who would love to experience the most beneficial sex lifestyle with the associate, it is actually better to acquire some ways in which may assist you so that you can have a very satisfying result within your lifetime. [url=]stiff nights[/url]

Only in the body recovered, in good health and do not need breastfeeding when to use some small amount of exercise and dieting to slight weight loss program.Two months postpartumAfter two months of production, the new mother;s body basically recovered more than half the amount of breastfeeding began to slowly decrease the secretion of breast milk slowly decrease. So then you can increase the amount of exercise, reduce appetite, weight loss began to become more apparent. [url=]playboy pills[/url] These act in the brain and enhance feelings of fullness so that you eat less and consequently lose weight

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